Friday, 21 May 2010

Tuesday, 18 May 2010

some of the food

we didnt eat this! but interesting fact polos are called lifesavers in america....

we brought home milk duds, like poppets but loads better

home made mazipan

almond m&m's

empire diner on 10th ave, its now closed its one of the best rip

the burger joint, hidden in the Le Parker Meridien Hotel which is all fancy but the burger joint is a tiny room room with writing all over the walls and the most amazing grilled cheese ever

pizzakone: its a pizza in a cone! 325 5th Avenue between 32 +33th st

rubbish photo but in my top 5 of sushi restaurants(i been to japan) Takahachi RestaurantAddress:‎ 85 Avenue AA between 5+6th st

1330 calories!

a rock filled with cheese genius but the rest of the food was rubs.

i dint eat these i just liked the way they looked

the myth is true!

pastrami at katz deli classic but it gave tom the meat sweats

my friend anne is a caterer and she made hog dinner for 86 people

pink gazpacho and macaroni cheese it was so good just looking at photo makes me want it

a friend of annie's made a feast after idris kahn's talk at Guggenheim it was in amazing apartment uptown, it was like a movie

greek salad at volnas brighton beach

cupcakes from billy's backery 184 9th Avenue
Between 21st and 22nd Street best best best

yes we were fatter when we came back

beyonce new new new

Sunday, 16 May 2010

Thursday, 13 May 2010

dude i got a tattoo

by a guy called scott campbell he is normally £300 dollar minimum but he did mine for free because he is friend of a friend
he has also tattooed

when i got there he was finishing with someone else so we waited in reception then guess who walked out omg!

annie morris' show at Winston Wächter Fine Art

they have uploaded in a funny order but anyways this is the show we went to new york to install

i sat next to this guy at the dinner he was in alias he was really nice

at the private view annie introduced me to ad-rock from beastie boys he was dead nice but i had lost my voice so i couldn't say anything