Friday, 8 May 2009

Saturday, 2 May 2009

Hello kitty mac advert

It's pretty long and not great.


“Every Word Unmade”, 2007 by Fiona Banner.


New Orleans Biennial, 2008, acrylic on diverse materials, by Katharina Grosse.

Lego Ferrari

Looks like a moat

“The Underworld”, 2004 by Mark Wallinger. Installation for 21 monitors. 21 individually looped dvds.

Floating maze

By Peter Sandbichler

Cheese & Market

On every Saturday nearest tube russell sq

And there is a village fete on may 10th starts 11am

Your mum

Coming soon

Jeff Koons “Popeye Series” At Serpentine Gallery
Starts July 2nd


Basquiat Reeboks


L.A. Dinosaurs