Monday 21 December 2009

hello $4000

mum has brought a baby bird

i couldnt bring pleo to spain cause my suitcase was to heavy and ryanair love to make an extra buck off heavy suitcases.
but my mum brought a baby lovebird that is not as good as pleo but its alright i want to call it tim westwood and my brother wants to call it hellmans, dad wants to call it kes but mum has decided it will be called nobby. rubbish. but they got a cat and a dog so dont think it will last long anyways.


im not vegetarian by choice

went to inamo fot my birthday

you order you food on the table and you can change the table cloth and play games! the food is really yummy, its really busy so best to book

inamo website

Tuesday 15 December 2009

if i was a pinata

this is what i would look like! my friend jamie made this for me, its filled with sweets but i will never smash it i love it to much its like having a little sister (which i always wanted but only ever got a brother he's alright)

kate mcguire

her work is so pretty and perfect
photos by tessa angus

i got new shoes!

they are salvatore ferragamo i got them for my birthday they are so pretty i love them.

id love to own

edition for other criteria by paul fryer
but its really expensive!

they have loads of stuff i would buy if i was rich on the website

chanel everything

yes its a car! it's not real ...........yet.

Monday 14 December 2009